Lucid Evolution

Crashing on earth after traveling light years through outer space via the 5th dimension, a fearsomely talented foursome found themselves in the small city of Richmond, Virginia, bursting with sonic ideas that were gradually converging into a shared vision. After some brief deliberation, a visionary female-fronted jam band called Lucid Evolution emerged from the musical ether, and have been hightailing it down the path towards achieving their destiny ever since. 
Founded in the fall of 2021, Lucid Evolution is still in the early stages of their musical journey. Yet, in a short space of time, Lucid Evolution have built a strong following behind their unique, genre-bending sound, the product of the otherworldly synergy between frontwoman Lynne Holloman’s strong yet angelic vocals, lyrics, and keyboard skills, guitarist Camden Harrahys psychedelic blues sensibilities, bassist Sammy Stiles funk rock beats, and Brian Holloman’s creative soul percussion and backup vocals.
Blending elements of psychedelic, progressive, indie, and modern rock and channeling them through an amalgamation of musical philosophies from influences including Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, and Portishead, the band’s compositions confidently evoke feelings that seek to fill a void through lyrics, melodies and jams that are perfect for healing the soul.