Lucid is staying busy playing Live Music during Covid…

It’s been an interesting summer – one that we’ll remember forever. Despite the shut down due to Covid-19, Lucid has had many opportunities to play venues. Covid-19 may have shut down the larger music acts but for our band Lucid, we’ve been happy to play live music for people who wished for live music to return…so we are happy for local music to shine in RVA!

We played Another Round Bar and Grill in July! We love the stage and sound! We played Ashland Coffee and Tea (now called Canteen) at the end of July and we had lots of fans and cars in stuck in traffic enjoy listening to live music outside! We played Independence Golf in the middle of a torrential downpour-so much fun and luckily all of our equipment was not damaged! It was also our new bassist Jake Lawrence’s debut with Lucid! We are so happy to play with Jake, he’s an excellent bassist and super cool!

At the end of August, we played Brucefest, a private party and we are so thankful for the amazing musical talent in RVA!

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