A new release from Lucid Evolution brings out the classic rock live jam session and takes it to places that made you wish you were there to watch it live in front of your face. 

The guitar work on “Wild Soul” is outstanding, with changes and progressions that make the hairs on your arms stand up straight. 

The players are all in the perfect headspace it seems. It all comes together like silk and the players are feeding off of each other’s energies the whole time. 

The percussion is nearly perfect and follows the guitars every move most of the time. When guitars are riddled with delay, that drummer follows the delay’s pace and it pushes the envelope in its own way. 

This has all the bells and whistles you want from classic jam bands.

What’s really cool about this is that the singer has this sort of Portishead thing going on and it gives the whole thing such an original style and vibe. 

It becomes almost cinematic and moving. 

You can hear the passion in her vocals and approach from start to finish. 

There comes a certain point where she just lets the band take it away and jam on but damn she’s got that perfect allure to her singing style that fits with the band in the strangest ways but sounds amazing. 

“Wild Soul” is for those real deal jam heads out there. It goes there and lets you take it all. 

Well worth your time to say the least!


Let’s step things up, with this Progressive Rock, the mist of mystery will cover your vision for a few brief seconds, before dawn, as the lyrics come clearing the way with their message, shaped slowly by the delicate yet intense vocal, will illuminate your perception, mind and heart.

Just enjoy the sound.